Rainbow PUSH Automotive Project

An initiative of the Citizenship Education Fund

Automotive Diversity Scorecard

The Scorecard is an annual measurement of how well OEMs are performing with their diversity initiatives.

Rainbow PUSH Scholars

College is expensive, and students and families need help. We honor the hard work of those deserving students who have earned scholarships .

Vice Presidents of Global Purchasing

Each year, our VP of Global Purchasing panel proves to be a foundational gathering for attendees during the Global Automotive Summit.

National Legacy Sponsors

National Sponsors

Research Documents

Over the years, we have delved deep into topics that define the purpose of our work. That process has involved developing long form research documents that examine some of our nation’s most pressing societal issues. Here, we have included some of those research documents for your review. 

White Papers--FINAL (2) copy 2
Salvaging Our Legacy: How The Automotive Project Helped Black Suppliers
Econ Impact of Auto Industry on Urban Comms copy
The Economic Impact of the Automotive Industry on Urban Communities
2020 Plan For Equity Vol II-A copy
2020 Benchmark Plan For Parity
Diversion of Diversity - COVER
Diversion of Diversity
Rainbow PUSH - Structural Racism In America copy
Structural Racism in America
Rainbow PUSH - Swinging Pendulum of Diversity copy
The Swinging Pendulum of Diversity