Automotive Diversity Scorecard

 The 2023 Automotive Diversity Scorecard is here. The Rainbow PUSH/CEF Automotive Project released its first Automotive Diversity Scorecard in 2012 as an every-two-year document. Now as an annual initiave, the Scorecard provides the automotive manufacturers’ leadership team an opportunity for self-evaluation as it relates to diversity within their companies. In turn, it provides the Rainbow PUSH/CEF Automotive Project an aggregate report summary to serve as a resource for consultation regarding best practices in the industry. 

Scoring Methodology 

The scoring is based on four types of data obtained directly from the information each OEM provided:

  1. Calculations are computed by percentages, rather than raw numbers. This helps create a level playing field regardless of automaker’s size. It is also important to trace the annual percent change, given the fluidity of market share by ethnic minorities.
  2. Growth data is measured annually in six perspective categories.
  3. Oversight/accountability. For specific Scorecard factors, this includes, but is not limited to, having established diversity goals, executive compensation tied to diversity goals, tracking performance against diversity goals, and the existence of a diversity board/committee.
  4. Engagement. Using available ethnic resources to improve performance in the six diversity areas–e.g., Rainbow PUSH/CEF, NAMAD, NMSDC, HBCUs, ethnic minority-owned search firms, national professional associations, etc.