Boycott of German Automaker BMW

Every two years, the Rainbow PUSH Automotive Project conducts a survey with the top 12 global automotive manufacturers as a means to gauge their diversity efforts in the areas of employment, advertising, marketing, dealerships, procurement and philanthropy.

All but one manufacturer took part in the most recent survey this year. BMW refused to participate. As a result, the German-based auto company received RED marks across the board--the lowest score possible.

In response to BMW choosing against being transparent in sharing their diversity efforts, Rev. Jackson has called for a full-scale boycott of the car company. African Americans represent more than 10 percent of BMW's consumer base, but there appears to be no reciprocity from the automaker.

"If you have a BMW, we urge you to get another car," Rev. Jackson said during the press conference at the 2017 Rainbow PUSH Global Automotive Summit in October. "If you don't have one, don't plan on buying one. We're saying to the auto industry, 'we've worked too hard and consumed too much to be locked out."