About Us

The Rainbow Push Automotive Project promotes full and equal participation in the economic growth of the global automotive industry for people of color by forging partnerships within the industry so we may work together to ensure the fair participation of minorities at every level of involvement. This includes employment, management, procurement, marketing, dealership development, finance, technology and board representation.


Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. - Founder
John A. Graves - Chairman
Alfreda Weathers - Office Executive Manager


The Rainbow Push Automotive Project launched in 1998 to challenge corporate America to end the multi-billion dollar trade deficit with minority vendors and consumers and work to assure equal opportunity for diverse employees, entrepreneurs and consumers.

The Automotive Project uses Operation: Breadbasket's model of research, education and negotiation and reconciliation to achieve its mission to promote inclusion, opportunity and economic growth by encouraging public and private industries to:

  • Improve hiring, promotion and retention practices

  • Name more minorities to corporate boards

  • Allocate more capital to minority companies