2021 Rainbow PUSH/CEF Global Automotive Summit

The 22nd Annual Rainbow PUSH Global Automotive Summit is in the books. As always, robust conversations took place around how people of color—particularly African Americans—can have equal access to opportunities in the global automotive industry.

The event kicked off with a panel discussing how social and economic justice issues have affected the American consciousness during today’s heightened sensitivities around race and culture and partisanship. The discussion focused on how litigation plays a role in leveling the playing field. It also explored the American business landscape and the ways in which journalism and the media infrastructure have fallen short of reflecting the diverse American populace it covers.

The Vice Presidents of Global Purchasing panel looked at the evolutionary electric vehicle expansion currently taking place and how people of color can benefit from and participate in this industry growth. Relatedly, the panel looked at how non-EV suppliers can partner with OEMs to continue providing real world solutions to the industry’s needs.

The first of two afternoon panels gathered three chief diversity officers for a thorough discussion that, among other topics, looked at how OEMs are preparing for the population metamorphosis in the country whereby 2045, people of color will outnumber whites. The panel also analyzed OEMs’ recruiting efforts that target students of color at both HBCU and non-HBCU schools.

The 22nd annual Summit wrapped with a professional services discussion that explored the ways in which business owners of color in the fields of marketing, accounting, legal, risk management, finance, and insurance can solicit business from OEMs. It also delved into what the contract awarding process looks like and how OEMs use their diversity and inclusion metrics to ensure equal access to opportunities for African American-owned firms.