Rainbow PUSH Scholarships

Toyota Jesse Jackson Fellows Scholarship

Toyota and PUSH for Excellence have partnered to create the Toyota Jesse Jackson Fellows Scholarship. This creative scholarship is fueling the future for the recipients by ensuring that students get their best opportunity to succeed. Toyota, partnership with PUSH for Excellence, Inc., will provide $75,000 scholarships to 10 deserving sophomore college students majoring in engineering or business.

The 10 scholarship recipients selected from several hundred applicants. The selection process included submitting essays, letters of recommendation, and community-service documentation, and experienced onsite interviews.

Alondra Hampton - Samford University
Alyssa Smith - University of Louisville
Chidi Osakwe - University of North Carolina
Colen James - University of Oklahoma
Dominique Davis - Tennessee State University
Jailyn Clark - Spelman College
Keilani Williams - Hampton University
Marcus Anderson - Hampton University
Quoran Knights - University of Cincinnati
Sumone Spivey - Michigan State University

Rainbow PUSH STEM Scholarship

The Automotive Project’s Rainbow PUSH STEM Scholarship ($15,000 each) was created in 2017 to provide opportunities to increase African American students in the STEM field. The scholarship allows Michigan students studying engineering, computer science, computer information systems, or business to attend universities across the country.

Diara Walker - Western Michigan University
Emmanuel Fowler - Western Michigan University
Kameron Johnson - University of Michigan
Lauren Cotton - Tuskegee University
Mila Cleveland - Howard University
Nate Corley - North Carolina Central University
Roshay Timmons - Central State University
Sabrina Fergerson - Eastern Michigan University
William Noles - Michigan State University

Rainbow PUSH Excel Scholarship

The Automotive Project’s PUSH Excel Scholarship ($2,500 each) was created to provide an opportunity to bridge the financial gap for deserving Michigan Students who exhibit academic excellence, business and leadership qualities and a strong sense of personal commitment in continuing their education. The scholarship affords the student the ability to pay for educational expenses.

Aniyah Loyd - Wayne County Community College
Charles Brown - University of Michigan
Dylan Prime – University of Michigan
Jendayi Nkenge - Michigan State University
Jordan Simmons - Oakland University
Kailyn Washington - College for Creative Studies
Kiersten Smith - Oakland University
Mainza Snapp - Morehouse College
Matthew Williams - Central Michigan University
Mayah Wheeler - University of Michigan
Shakira Spivey – Jackson Community College