2017 Global Automotive Summit

The 18th Annual Rainbow PUSH Global Automotive Summit wrapped up as one of the most successful in our history. We had two top CEOs join us to discuss their companies' plans to improve and solidify efforts to level the playing field for people of color.

Jim Hackett, Ford Motor Company president and CEO, joined Rev. Jackson during the Leadership Breakfast Discussion where he talked about the ways in which the company will continue to strengthen its minority representation within the organization, the dealership base and the network of suppliers.

Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO, participated in a one-on-one discussion with Rev. Jackson during the afternoon Fireside Chat. Krzanich talked about the diversity efforts in which Intel is currently engaged, as well as the opportunities that will come from the growing demand of autonomous vehicles and how people of color can take advantage.

The Global Automotive Summit also featured vice presidents of global purchasing from five OEMs--a group that, collective, is responsible for more than $500 billion in purchases every year. The conversation focused on identifying alternative ways for minority suppliers to garner more opportunities in the automotive supplier space.

We thank the attendees for taking part in such a consequential gathering, but we especially thank our National Legacy Sponsors--Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Toyota--and our National Sponsors--Hyundai, Nissan--for their continued support. Our event would not be possible without their backing.

Stay tuned for information regarding 2018's Global Automotive Summit.